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Mawmaw's Chicken Pies

Made in a USDA facility in Kernersville, NC

Mawmaw's Chicken Pies

Made in a USDA facility in Kernersville, NC

You know it's a MawMaw's Chicken Pie when you see the little chick!

This pie is ready for the oven. 

You know it's a MawMaw's pie when you see the little chick.  This pie is ready for the oven.
You know it's a MawMaw's pie when you see the little chick.  This pie is ready for the oven.

You know it's a MawMaw's Chicken Pie when you see the little chick!

This pie is ready for the oven. 

About Us

MawMaw and her granddaughter Whitney...


MawMaw and her granddaughter Whitney work as a team to produce pies that are truly homemade. Nothing average about these pies, more hand shredded chicken in each pie than any other pie on the market. Won 10 out of 10 times in blind taste test.

MawMaw only uses white chicken breast and the freshest veggies in her pies. There is a secret to how she makes that crust so flakey. MawMaw signs each one of her pies with that little chicken that she cuts out by hand. Each pie is brushed with egg white causing it to bake to a golden brown.  

Introducing new entrees'

Recently introduced our Kickin Chicken for those who like it HOT and SPICY!

MawMaw makes the most amazing meatloaf with a sweet /sour sauce.  Unlike any you have ever had...promise!

How about Chicken Pot Pie Soup?  Yep, MawMaw has made that available now for those that are watching carbs and can't eat the crust of the pie.

You want truly home made goodness?

Make it easy on yourself...let MawMaw cook your supper tonight.  No one needs to know you didn't make it.  


Greensboro Farmers Curb Market

501 Yancyville St. Greensboro, NC

Wednesdays 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Saturdays 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM

You can schedule MawMaw's pie mobile to come to your work place.  Your employees will love you for this convenience!

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About Us

It's a fact Jack! Mawmaw's chicken pies are the best!

Get your MawMaw's Chicken Pie at the Brownwood Farmers Market in The Villages, Florida on Saturday

Truly homemade, just like Mama use to make! But better! We use only top quality chicken.(All natural, no preservatives) Each pie is chocked full of over a pound of all white meat with a creamy sauce that gives it just the right consistency, in a flaky crust that bakes into a golden brown. They come frozen and all you do is pop them in the oven at 400 degrees for a hour and you got the best tasting chicken pie in town.  Made in Kernersville, NC and we ship to The Villages, FL because those Villagers love some MawMaw's Chicken Pies.

Stock up the freezer for the Holidays, or for those busy nights you don't have time to cook. They are great for friends in need or even as gift for someone.

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Mawmaw's Chicken Pies

Kernersville, North Carolina, United States


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09:00 am – 05:00 pm


My Blog

Tell me why you love MawMaws Chicken Pies...

I have so many compliments and requests for my pies.  Thank you Village people for making my pies famous! 

real testimonials

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Here are just a few comments made on Facebook about our pies! 

Jaclyn Schladt Definitely! They are delicious!!

Debra Giltner Loved It!!!
Teresa McGuffin
Teresa McGuffin My husband loves it!

Brenda Bratcher Ball They are fabulous!!!
Craig Raines I picked up 11 the last time I was in Florida. They were delicious! Great for those cool Fall and Winter nights. The only thing better than Maw Maw’s Chicken Pies is Alabama Football. Need to make another road trip!

Paul Holland Don't tell my family, but as good a Grandma's
Keishia Rodriguez Best EVERMawmaw's Chicken Pies
Jessica Rose Yes!!!! So good!

Rose Berkich Flitz Most definitely!

Jill Smith Bumgarner Absolutely !!!!!

Rhonda Young-Hagar Absolutely I’m a MawMaws Chicken Pie pusher ❤️

Nicole Lanzendorf A MUST HAVE!

Amy Sherrill Most definitely!!

Millie Jefferson👍
Kelly Richardson Isley Had em love em!!

Mary Ebner Best pot pie 🥧 ever!!! Especially those little ones if you love pie crust as much as I do!!! 😋

Anne Fesperman Foster Love Mawmaw's Chicken
Yvonne Conti-O'Brien Love them and recommend them every chance I get!
Marsha Motsinger Love Mawmaw’s chicken pies!❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

The chicken pie taste so good I didn't want to "swaller" it!  The best!  I have eaten it three meals straight. Even good microwaved.  Crust is still awesome!

Kathy Joyce, Winston Salem

Just fixed my chicken pie/veggies and it was delicious!  Husband agrees.  I will have to say it is the best chicken pie EVER!  That IS a fact Jack!  Yum Yum Yum

Judy Byler, Kernersville, NC

I have a testimonial regarding MawMaw's Chicken Pie.  It was delicious and I'd like to put in another order.  

DeAnna Hay, Kernersville, NC 

We had our "just chicken" pie today. Delicious and what a treat on a dreary, "waiting for Irma day." A great comfort food dinner.  Your mom is an excellent cook!  Please pass along our thanks to your mom. 

 Rita, Village of Duval

We have eaten two of them already and you are most correct...they are DELICIOUS!  So much better than anything you could hope to find at the supermarket.  Kudos MawMaw!

Jim B

Had the plain chicken one last night.  It was delicious!  Will definitely order more. 

Karen D

Just had MawMaw's pot pies!It is absolutely the very best! 

 Thank you, Larry

I do believe you are mistaken. They are the best on "either" side of the Mississippi!

Sharon, Village of Duval

We had one for lunch today and it was amazing!  Looking forward to ordering more.

Tena V

Baked one of MawMaw's pies I purchased last night.  It was so so good.The crust is to die for.  So So delicious.  I will be buying more.

Donna H

Kent, tell your mama her chicken pot pies were so delicious and yummy.Diane F, Hillsborough Pioneers

Just enjoyed a chick pie at neighbor's home.  Great!  Would like to purchase at least 2. 

Lori L

We loved our chicken pot pie.  Please thank your mom for us.  I would like to have another one with veggies.

Julie M

OMG!  I baked up one of the pies last night and it was absolutely delicious.  So much chicken and veggies.  And the crust was so flaky.  So glad I have another one in the freezer.

Timari Village of Duval

I just finished half the chicken pie with veggies...simply the BEST...I'll be ordering some more.  


MawMaw's chicken pies are delicious...Yummy!!!  Thanks for letting us order.

Cynthia R Knomes of Coller

Absolutely the very best chicken pot pie I have ever had!  We had the chicken with vegetables and two of us wiped it out! I was very impressed with the amount of chicken and vegetables!

Scott C, Hillsborough

We just finished one of mawmaws chicken pot pies with vegetables.  Best we've ever eaten Plenty of tasty chicken with lots of vegetables in a creamy sauce with a flaky crust.Going to need more.

Dennis M

OMG! came home and baked my birthday dinner I've ever had.  Kicking myself for not ordering 2.


Schedule MawMaw's Pie mobile

If you are interested in providing your employees with the opportunity to purchase a MawMaw's Chicken Pie you can schedule a time for her pie mobile to come to your work place.  Do you have a food truck day?